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Atascadero Hay and Feed Building


Atascadero Hay and Feed is a local family owned operation.  I’m Kevin Buffett, the owner, and I  grew up in this county.  I  understand our unique local farm, ranch and livestock needs.  The products we sell are the same ones I use in my own ranch operation – high quality products at a fair price.  Those products are accompanied by the expertise of myself and my staff. We will strive to provide solutions to your problems, answers to your questions, with an abundance of local-grown home-town hospitality.

Kevin Buffet


Sullivans Show Supplies

We carry a large selection of Sullivan's Show Supplies including:

  • Cool Blue

  • White Pearl

  • Swine Shine

  • Zoome Bloom

  • Linament Hair Stimulator

  • Fungus Fighter

  • Kleen Sheen

  • Clear Choice

  • Hair Set

  • Fogger

  • Unfit

  • Purple Oil

  • Stimulator Combs

  • Final Bloom

  • Black Finisher

  • Hocus Pocus

  • Show Sticks

  • Show Halters


    Show Combs and Brushes


    Grooming Supplies


    Feed Buckets

    Are you, or is someone you know interested in showing animals at the fair?  There are several local 4-H and FFA programs you can join.  We also sponsor a youth ambassador page where we link to blogs that are updated by local youth that competitively show livestock and poultry.  Click here to learn more. 


Show Feed & Supplies

We carry a large selection of high quality show feeds and supplies for all of your show animals including: Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goats, Poultry & Horses.

Photo Gallery

Purina Show Chow

Purina Honor Show Chow

Show Chow

Beef Cattle
   Fitter's Edge
   Fitter's Touch


    Showlamb Starter
    Showlamb Grower

    ShowPig Grower
    ShowPig Finisher

    Broiler Complete


Show String

Kruse International

Show String

Show String Beef
     Grower / Finisher


High Noon Feeds

High Noon Feeds

High Noon Feed


We carry a full line of High Noon Feeds



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