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Chick Day

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Quality Poultry Feeds we carry:

Purina Mills

Purina Mills
Start & Grow
Flock Raiser
Flock Block
Layer Pellets
Layer Crumble
Honor Show Chow
Broiler Complete
Turkey Starter
Turkey Grower / Finisher
Cracked Corn

Flock Raiser Start and Grow

Layena Scratch Grains


King Brand Feed

King Brand Feed
Pro-Am Layer
20/20 Ultra Supplement
Fancy Feathers Concentrate
Pro-Am Poultry Show
Natural Start-Grow Crumb
Oyster Shell
Hen Scratch
All Purpose 20%
Layer Crumbles 16%
Layer Pellets 16%
Chick Scratch
Chick Starter Crumble
Water Fowl Pellets


O.H. Kruse Western Milling

O.H. Kruse Western Milling
Layer Pellets
Layer Crumble
Breeder Pellets / Crumble
Super Start / Grow Crumble 22%
Organic Layer
Organic Starter


We carry JS WEST Poultry Layer. We also carry Poultry Grit & Oyster Shell.


If you want to prepare your location in advance before you bring your new chicks home, visit us today for all the equipment you will need. We have heat lamps, feeders, nesting boxes, bedding material and feed. We also carry game bird supplies and all sizes of waterers.

Poultry Waterer


We even have how-to books!

Keep Chickens

Chicken Coops

Barnyard in your Backyard

Letter Poultry

Our annual Chick Day will not be taking place this year. We will however have chicks arriving weekly starting February 22nd. Check out our Facebook page for more details.

Facebook link

We carry a full line of poultry feeds including Natural, Complete, Soy Free, Organic and Show Feeds.

Atascadero is San Luis Obispo County's Poultry Headquarters. From March to October we stock a huge selection of chicks. We carry all breeds of chicks from common to rare, production to Heritage breeds. If we don't have the breed you want, we will be happy to order them for you. We also have 8 week old birds available to save you the trouble of heat lamps, bedding and baby chicks. Purchasing an older bird also takes away the risk of you ending up with an unwanted rooster.

IIn addition to baby chicks, we also have or can custom order goslings, ducklings, turkeys and guinea keets.

We also have all the supplies you will need to get started to ensure a happy and healthy flock. If you are interested in producing organic eggs, for your family, we carry a high quality organic chicken scratch. Have questions? We have experienced staff available to answer any poultry raising questions you may have.

NEW! We take special orders for custom made chicken coops.

 Poultry varieties we have available may include:

Rhode Island Red Feather Legged Coo    
Buff Orpington White Faced Black Spanish    
Barred Rock BB Red KraienKoppe    
Gold Sex Link Feather Leg Cuckoo Maran    
Black Sex Link Welsummer    
Golden Laced Wyandotte Delaware    
New Hampshire Red Blue Andalusian    
Silver Laced Wyandotte Columbian Wyandotte    
Buff Brahma Sicilian Buttercup    
Dark Brahma Red Shoulder Yokohama    
Light Brahma Golden Laced Polish    
Black Australorp Turken    
Jersey Black Giant      
Mottled Houdan Guineas:    
Silver Laced Cochin French Guineas    
Golden Laced Cochin      
Black Cochin Bantams:    
Blue Cochin Buff Silkie    
Buff Cochin White Silkie    
Partridge Cochin Blue Silkie    
Speckled Sussex Black Silkie    
Buckeye Buff Japanese    
Brown Leghorn Gray Japanese    
Ameraucana Mottled Japanese    
Cukoo Maran Red Japanese    
Welsummer Blue Light Brown Dutch    
Delaware Cream Light Brown Dutch    
Blue Andalusian Golden Sebright    
Sicilian Buttercup Cayuga    
Iowa Blue Black Frizzle    
Salmon Faverolle Red Frizzle    
Exchequer Leghorn White Frizzle    
Turken Blue Mille Fleur    
Buff Chantecler Mille Fleur d' Uccle    
Partridge Chantecler Dutch Mille Fleur    
Red Chantecler BB Red Modern    
Norwegian Jaerhon Red Pyle Modern    
Partridge Plymouth Rock Mahogany Old English    
Red Malay Old English Mille Fleur    
New Hampshire Red Spangled Old English    
Silver Laced Wyandotte Wheaten Old English    
Buff Brahma      
Dark Brahma Ducks:    
Light Brahma Crested Cayuga    
Black Australorp Crested Mallard    
Jersey Black Giant Black Runner    
Mottled Java Crested Fawn & White Runner    
Naked Neck      
White Crested Black Polish Turkeys:    
White Crested Blue Polish Broadbreasted White    
Silver Spangled Hamburg Broadbreasted Bronze    
La Fleche      
Silver Spangled Spitz Geese:    
Cream Brabanter Gray Saddle Back    
Golden Campine Brown Chinese    
Silver Campine Toulouse    

Baby Chick

The expression on a child's face holding their own baby chick?



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