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Atascadero Hay and Feed Building


Atascadero Hay and Feed is a local family owned operation.  I’m Kevin Buffett, the owner, and I  grew up in this county.  I  understand our unique local farm, ranch and livestock needs.  The products we sell are the same ones I use in my own ranch operation – high quality products at a fair price.  Those products are accompanied by the expertise of myself and my staff. We will strive to provide solutions to your problems, answers to your questions, with an abundance of local-grown home-town hospitality.

Kevin Buffet

Choosing the Right Bedding:

Products we sell for bedding include: Wood Shavings, Wood Chips, Rice Hulls, Pellets and Straw.  They each have their own advantages and disadvantages.  It is important to consider these different traits to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Wood Shavings will result in less disposable material than straw, but may be more difficult to dispose of. Straw is easy to compost.  It also breaks down easily when spread on adjacent fields, and as a result it doesn’t remove a lot of nitrogen from the soil.  The type of bedding used will affect the fertilizer value of manure. For example, wood products (especially pine) will break down much more slowly than straw. When manure is spread as a fertilizer or soil amendment, wood shavings bind to nutrients in the soil and make them unavailable. They also require more nitrogen to decompose, and removes it from the soil, so it isn’t available for other plants or crops to use.

Straw may not be the best bedding of choice for animals that like to eat it. Sheep particularly are prone to eating straw.  Oat straw is generally more palatable than wheat or barley straw (it is finer stemmed) so you might have a bigger problem with it being eaten.

Shavings are preferred by horse breeders because they are less dusty than straw, and may result in less respiratory irritation. Horse owners should not bed their horses with shavings from black walnut trees, as this shaving is likely to cause laminitis or founder.  Because of this, all hardwood shavings are often avoided on the chance that black walnut might be mixed in. Similarly, horse owners should be careful if they get shavings from a lumberyard or similar source since potentially deadly hardwoods may be mixed in. We carry several different brands of soft wood shavings that are safe for horses.

Pelleted wood products provide good quality bedding.  They expand readily when water is added, are absorbent and easy to handle, and may be especially useful on smaller farms.

Rice Hulls are sometimes favored by horse owners, as the gentle abrasion of the hulls gives a nice sheen to a horse’s coat. They also are a good substitute if your horse is allergic to shavings.

Cedar and Aspen chips and shreds make a nicely aromatic bedding for dogs and small animals.

Although a variety of bedding products can be used effectively, they should all be considered as part of a farm’s overall management plan.

We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about the different bedding products we carry, and will be happy to help you choose the best bedding for your livestock needs.



Letter Bedding


We carry a large selection of bedding to meet all of your livestock and pets needs. If you are unsure what kind of betting is best suited for animal, ask our friendly staff for guidance. We carry bedding for small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and dogs, all the way up to large bale bedding for horses and cattle.


Barn stored, clean straw which can be used for livestock bedding, erosion control and mulching in your garden.

Mallard Creek Triple Screened Shavings
Screened Shavings

These shavings are screened to remove 98% of the fines and the larger flakes, leaving only the more uniform shaving. Processed with 100% softwood which is a blend of fir and pine makes for a nice comfortable bedding for all horses.

Mallard Creek Mini Flake

Mini Flake Shavings
Mini Flake bedding is a smaller shaving. It comes from consistent quality 100% softwood which had been stripped of all bark to create a flake with high absorption. It has no additives, is environmentally safe and has nice fresh aroma. It is easy to work with and recommended for areas where maintenance and disposal are an issue.
Quick T Pick
Quick T Pick Horse Bedding
Quick T' Pick is a 100% natural softwood baled mini chip fiber shaving that is environmentally friendly.  It is easy to work with and there is next to no dust. The mini chips allow clean shavings to fall through your rake leaving you with more in your stall and less in your compost pile.
Eagle Valley ABM Pelleted
Eagle Valley ABM Pelleted Bedding
Eagle Valley ABM is a crumbled, densified bedding designed for traction during initial application. It doesn't slip and slide like many wood pellet materials. The increased surface area of Eagle Valley ABM versus full pellet bedding means ABM absorbs urine quicker, pulling it into the wood cells and keeping your stalls, stables, cages and pens dryer.
Rice Hulls
Rice Hulls

Rice Hulls are not as absorbent as shavings, but are a good alternative if your horse is allergic to wood shavings or if you have excellent drainage. Rice hulls have been used to help shine the coat of your horse.

VitaKraft Sunseed
Red Cedar
Cedar Bedding

Vitakraft Sunseed Sunthing Special Red Cedar Bedding for small animals and kennels. Natural fresh scent and aromatic. 100% dust free and biodegradable. Naturally absorbent and environmentally safe.

VitaKraft Sunseed
Shredded Aspen
Shredded Aspen Bedding

Vitakraft Sunseed Sunthing Special Shredded Aspen Bedding for small animals and kennels. Natural fresh scent and aromatic. 100% dust free and biodegradable. Naturally absorbent and environmentally safe.

VitaKraft Sunseed
Aromatic Red Cedar
Aromatic Red Cedar Bedding

Vitakraft Sunseed Aromatic Sunthing Special Red Cedar Bedding for small animals and kennels. Natural fresh scent and aromatic. 100% dust free and biodegradable. Naturally absorbent and environmentally safe.

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